Martin Graf: Nicolas Collins performs In Memoriam Michel Waisvisz, Hamburg, February 2014


  • I've uploaded an update of Waggle Dance, for laptop marching band, originally written in 2007 for PLOrk. Scroll down my software page for a screen shot and download links (Mac & PC) or download the Mac version here.
  • I am pleased to announce the release of Pea Soup To Go, an open access version of my venerable feedback composition, Pea Soup. Pea Soup To Go is a free streaming audio web application that generates an ever-changing domestic sound art installation on any computer. Discussed in an interview with Molly Sheridan for New Music Box here.
  • A Korean translation of Handmade Electronic Music is due for release in January 2015.
  • 60th birthday + 8 months sabbatical = time to indulge in mentor worship! I've written two new programs to direct players from computer video projection: Brackets is based on John Cage's late time-bracket pieces, Bracken updates Christian Wolff's co-ordination notation. Plus an interview with Reinhold Friedl for WDR3 in which I talk about the music that influenced me, and a short statement for Geo about why I love Christian Wolff.
  • "Five Questions with Nicolas Collins." A nice interview with Nate Wooley in Sound American Issue 6 (Fall 2013).
  • Here is an interview I did after helping produce a version of Alvin Lucier's "Music for Solo Performer" for the Tsonami 2012 festival in Valparaíso. I start out talking about Lucier and the roots of live electronic music, and end up talking about me (typical).