Electro Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay, extensively hacked (1984) with the following modifications:
  • "stuttering circuit" for retriggering or reversing the sample in response to peaks in the incoming audio signal, with adjustments for triggering threshold and response time (the two Telecaster-style chrome knobs on the right);
  • rotary switch (with small aluminum knob, top center) to select whether stuttering circuit re-triggers the loop from its head (Hip-Hop-style repeated attacks) or reverses it for turntable-style sample scratching;
  • illuminated pushbutton switches for manual selection of forward or reverse playback (to the right of stuttering knobs) -- the LED in the upper button indicates forward/reverse state, while the lower LED blinks when the stutter circuit triggers;
  • a toggle switch to select two audio inputs -- either the radio or the outputs of the other Electro Harmonix boxes for "resampling" (between "input" and "drum pad" legends at upper edge of box);
  • existing jacks have been rewired for the second audio input (described above) and an external control voltage input for pitch change from the joystick (see legends on paper stickers);
  • toggle switches and light-touch momentary pushbuttons in parallel to replace heavy-duty "stomp box" switches for loop enable (above "INFINITE" legend, lower left) and effect bypass (above "BYPASS") -- more playable on a table-top than the original push-on/push-off footswitches;
  • cable to external power supply to replace rather unreliable built-in supply.
  • Used in Devil's Music and Vaya Con Dios. Photo by Simon Lonergan.