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A Call For Silence

Anticipation - Daniel Levitin
Between Ragin, And Hell - Rory Shackles
Dumb-Show - Quarrelling 2 - Gyorgy Kurtag
The Other Boulez - Michael Schumacher
Cage Silenced - People Like Us (Vicki Bennett)
S.B.D - Paul Davis
Pastoral Pause - John Levack Drever
How Many People Are In This Room? - Kapital Band 1
I Am Not Sitting In A Room - Richard Beard
A Minute's Silence For the Queen Mum, 2002 - David Hoyland
Apple (Windfall/Fallobst) - Valerian Maly
The Quiet Room - Peter Cusack
Bird Hide - Adrian Newton
Silence/Silent Landscape - Jens Brand
Quiet Coffee - Alvin Lucier
Bird Song - Lori Talley
Lobby And Lebeg - Dale Lloyd
Erster Berliner - Eric Leonardson
The Sound Was - Aaron Siegel
0'0,060" For A Rock And Roll Band - No Noise Reduction
EEG Recording Of No Sounds In The Surrounding Area - Justin Wiggin
Krikle - Anne Welmer
My Laptop Colony - Colony In My Laptop - Andy Keep
Tell Tale 2.1 - David First
Humbucket - Dan Evans Farkas
Imperfection Theorem Of Silence - Yasunao Tone
World Trade Center Recordings - Stephen Vitiello
Two Minutes Fifty Seconds Silence For The USA - Matt Rogalsky & George Bush
Ventilator - David Watson
Unspoken Conversations - Thomas Joyce
Untitled #102 - Francisco Lopez
Lullaby - Ted Collins