Trace Elements Records DVD (2015)

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Pea Soup To Go

Streaming audio web application (2014)

Collect Them All!

Complete audio archive of Pea Soup recordings (1974 - present)


MP3 album (2011)

Devil's Music Reissue

EM Records (Japan) double CD & gatefold double LP (2009)


Pea Soup

Apestraartje CD (2004)

A Host, Of Golden Daffodils
Peter Cusack and Nicolas Collins

Plate Lunch Records CD (1999)


Sound Without Picture

Periplum Records CD (1999)


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Trace Elements Records CD (1992)

100 Of The World's Most Beautiful Melodies

Trace Elements Records CD (1989)

Real Landscape

Banned Production Cassette (1988)

Devil's Music

Trace Elements Records LP (1986)

Let The State Make The Selection

Lovely Music LP (1984)

Going Out With Slow Smoke
Nicolas Collins & Ron Kuivila

Lovely Music LP (1982)