Audio tracks included on the CD and DVD from Handmade Electronic Music.

(See Appendix D in current edition for track notes and artist information.)

Andy Keep: My Laptop Colony -- Colony In My Laptop
Nicolas Collins: El Loop
David First: Tell Tale 2.1
John Bowers: Study One for Victorian Synthesizer
Collin Olan: rec01
Peter Cusack: Baikal Ice
Richard Lerman: Changing States 6
Uta Wassermann: Improvisation
Nicolas Collins: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
Josh Winters: Radio Study #4
David Behrman: Players With Circuits
Christian Terstegge: Ohrenbrennen
Phil Archer: Yamaha PSS-380
P. Sing Cho: Long Nosed
Maestros: Electricity and its Double
Jane Henry: The Chip is Down: Jerry Goes to Glory
Robert Poss: Dicer
Stephen Vitiello: World Trace Center Recordings
Norbert Möslang: Blinking Lights
Yasunao Tone: Imperfection Theorem of Silencet